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React Native vs. Xamarin: The Great Debate

We have come a long way in mobile development since the very first app was released in 2008 to the Apple App Store. The tooling and approaches to developing mobile applications has grown significantly, bringing choice paralysis along with it. I decided to take this warm summer afternoon to analyze two popular technologies used for cross-platform mobile development today: React Native and Xamarin.

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An Alternative Solution to Pair Programming

I am always amazed at my fellow developers who claim how pair programming is “better”. Better because it increases code quality, reduces knowledge silos and increases collaboration. This recital sounds all well and good on the surface but the benefits seem to favor business objectives in the short term over the longer-term satisfaction of the employee.

Extreme Programming (XP) and more specifically pair programming (PP) in recent years has attracted significant interest in the technology community. Pair programming is when two programmers work together at one workstation. One programmer writes code while the other, the observer or navigator, reviews each line of code as it is typed in, switching roles frequently. Continue reading

A Cross-Platform Video Player for Xamarin Forms

I am excited to announce a cross-platform video player. This new Xamarin Forms component gives developers the ability to render the native video player for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone all from XAML, shared code, or a portable class library (PCL). I find video encoding and streaming to be a fun challenge no matter what I am developing for and was excited to learn there is currently no comprehensive solution to cross-platform video playback with Xamarin Forms. Continue reading

Passing the Xamarin Certification Exam

After completing 23 classes and taking a three hour exam, I have successfully added Xamarin certification to my developer tool belt. It’s great to have the context Xamarin University provides before diving in and building mobile applications. The questions were challenging and unless you’ve been doing the labs, it will be difficult to pass because most of the questions are focused on actual code and APIs as opposed to nice facts and ideas in the PowerPoint slides. Don’t take it lightheartedly. You need an 80% to pass which means you can miss no more than 30 questions.i-MzSgcGd-S[1] Continue reading

Debugging Windows Services Inside Visual Studio

Windows Services are computer programs that operate in the background, sort of like a daemon on Linux-based operating systems. Since these programs run inside a managed container, it must adhere to a specific protocol and inherit from ServiceBase. In this article, I’ll cover the common scenario most .NET developers run into: the desire to debug their service without having to deploy it to the managed service container every time they make a change.

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