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Debugging Windows Services Inside Visual Studio

Windows Services are computer programs that operate in the background, sort of like a daemon on Linux-based operating systems. Since these programs run inside a managed container, it must adhere to a specific protocol and inherit from ServiceBase. In this article, I’ll cover the common scenario most .NET developers run into: the desire to debug their service without having to deploy it to the managed service container every time they make a change.

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Flying an Airplane without a License

After spending five 12 hour days in training learning about the latest and greatest in the .NET ecosystem, I did what all programmers must do. I went and got my blood pumping! This is a condensed video of my 45 minute flight in an aerobatic Extra 300L at SkyThrills! Michael Blackstone was the copilot and claims the plane to be the sports car of the sky. It certainly didn’t fail to deliver.

It was such an amazing feeling to take control of an aircraft for the first time. Like learning to drive a car for the first time, everything feels so foreign and exciting. Pulling back on the stick or banking to either side felt effortless and extremely responsive. The unique thing about SkyThrills is they let you control the plane pretty much from the time you take off until the time you land. Yep, I was doing the barrel rolls and hammerheads.