After completing 23 classes and taking a three hour exam, I have successfully added Xamarin certification to my developer tool belt. It’s great to have the context Xamarin University provides before diving in and building mobile applications. The questions were challenging and unless you’ve been doing the labs, it will be difficult to pass because most of the questions are focused on actual code and APIs as opposed to nice facts and ideas in the PowerPoint slides. Don’t take it lightheartedly. You need an 80% to pass which means you can miss no more than 30 questions.i-MzSgcGd-S[1]

Overall, I really liked Xamarin University. The instructors were very helpful and seemed interested in the content they were teaching. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering working on mobile applications.

Taking the Final Exam

The final exam is administered through a third party vendor called Exam Builder. You have three hours to complete the 150 multiple choice questions. While taking the test, there is a sidebar with a Review button that allows you to navigate to any question in the test. Also of interest is the flag feature in case you want to flag a question and come back to it later. I would suggest giving it your best guess and also flagging it for later. It will save you time later from having to understand the question again. Plus if you get close to the time limit, you may only have enough time to go back and review one or two questions. Better to have answered them all than to have left some blank.

Useful Resources to Study

If you are under a time crunch at work like me, focusing on these resources proved to be the most helpful. There is no point in trying to spell out the topics I saw the most on the exam because the questions are chosen from a random pool so the question-set you get on the exam will be different from mine.

  • Xamarino offers a comprehensive listing of all the links that you find tucked away in the lab pages of the class materials.
  • Watch the prerecorded class videos. They provided some additional information you may not have gotten during the live virtual class sessions.
  • Using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the Xamarin Developer Center allows you to instantly search across their web guides, code recipes, APIs, samples, and forums to find a topic of interest.

Good luck taking the exam!

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