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Paganini Caprice No. 24

Want to know what makes for an epic coding session? When I want to tune out the rest of the world and write some software, I fire up Spotify and open my playlists dedicated to coding. I have techno, hip-hop, alternative and a whole range of other genres ready to go. The playlist I choose depends on my mood and the type of code I will be writing that day. If it’s late at night, techno gives a surreal feeling like I’m at a party (I know, only nerds think this way). But that music comes and goes. Classical music is elegant, beautiful and timeless. Caprice No. 24 is the final caprice composed by Niccolò Paganini’s in his 24 Caprices. It is widely considered one of the most difficult pieces ever written for the solo violin and also happens to be one of my absolute favorites. Enjoy 🙂

Debugging Windows Services Inside Visual Studio

Windows Services are computer programs that operate in the background, sort of like a daemon on Linux-based operating systems. Since these programs run inside a managed container, it must adhere to a specific protocol and inherit from ServiceBase. In this article, I’ll cover the common scenario most .NET developers run into: the desire to debug their service without having to deploy it to the managed service container every time they make a change.

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